Delayed Load Dental Implants, NobelActive, Im

These are earlier types of dental implants or more traditional type implants which have been used for over 30 years with success.

When these implants are placed in the jaw bone, they must be left undisturbed for 4-6 months for bone healing and growth called OSSEOINTEGRATION to take place.

This will be a disturbing problem for individuals who are missing a front tooth or more than a tooth to wait for such a long time to have their tooth replaced. The reason of waiting for this period of time is to gain stability and anchorage through osseointegration which is bone growth around the implant, this will render the implant firm and stable in order to be able to place a restoration on the implant. With this kind of dental implant the waiting period is a must and the implant is buried under the gum undisturbed for 6 months, then after 6 months a second surgery is performed to uncover the implant to make sure that the process of osseointegration has occurred and the implant is integrated with the bone and is firm and stable to withstand the occlusal loads and only then is loaded with the temporary restoration, then in about 3 months a permanent restoration is build on the implant.

The problem with this type of implants is the long waiting period (can even be up to 18 months) and still wearing partials or complete dentures, while waiting for the healing of the implants. These dental implants do work and have high success rate ,but you have to wait 6-18 months. Though if you have an emergency situation and you need to replace your tooth immediately, THEN THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM IS:


THE IMMEDIATE LOAD DENTAL IMPLANTS (the Sargon Immediate tooth replacement System, and the NobelActive Immediate load and function systems.

Immediate Load Dental Implant or emergency tooth replacement dental implant: (the Sargon Immediate Load Implant)

This represents a major advancement in dental restorative capability and is likely to be the future standard (Sargon).

These are said to be the most advanced in design and the next generation of dental implants. There is no waiting period with this implant, you can have a missing tooth immediately replaced with immediate dental implant in a single and simple surgical procedure done under local anesthesia and also you can function with the new tooth normally and in the same day.

Also if you have a failing tooth, it can be removed and replaced with an immediate load dental implant at the same visit. To place an Immediate Load Dental Implant takes only one hour, while the tooth lasts lifetime.

Did you know?....

Older style implants may require anywhere from five months to two years for you to receive your new tooth. It has taken many years for someone to come up with a solution. Finally in 1990 the Sargon Immediate Load Implant System, did. No other dental implant can provide you with the services that this system can. Not only do you get your tooth at once, you have more natural looking teeth and gums than you could ever have imagined. You see, placing the tooth immediately has some advantages over implant systems that only allow delayed tooth placement. For instance, delayed placement of a tooth allows the surrounding gums and tissues to shrink. Later, when your dentist tries to place a tooth, the gums may have receded so far as to create an unnatural looking gum line. Other advantages include:· Immediate full function of the new tooth. · Beautiful, natural cosmetic look, no one will notice the difference, not even you. · Very little discomfort is associated with the procedure. In fact some people have reported almost no pain at all. · This procedure is less invasive than some older procedures for crown and bridge placement, where perfectly good neighboring teeth may have to be ground down to accommodate the crown. This innovative bio-mechanical design allows the implant to be locked in place, giving it stronger more permanent hold than any other implant. Just look at the procedure below, to see how easy this system can work for you. Imagine! If you have a missing tooth in front of your mouth and walk in our office at ten o'clock in the morning. A Sargon Immediate Tooth Replacement Implant is placed 15 minutes later. It's locked snugly into position. An abutment that never leaves the mouth again is placed and a beautifully cosmetic, fully functional tooth is inserted on top of the implant. You leave the office smiling, and are able to have lunch the very next hour.

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